Let’s explain Epoch …

Epoch is defined as an important period in history or in an era. Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during this period. Essentially, our adolescent years equate to an Epoch!

Teenagers will develop on a personal level…

We offer teenagers, both male and female, between the ages of 13 and 16, a unique week-long experience to tap into the physical and psychological changes they undergo during these important years. We will connect with teenagers in a non-formal and holistic manner with a view to disseminating various skills and mechanisms to be the best version of themselves they can be.

As schools and sports focus on an academic and physical education throughout the school year, we want to shift slightly from this focus and look at developing one’s interpersonal skills.  The skills necessary to be successful in today’s world.

Our 5-day experience…

We believe this 5-day experience gives teenagers the best opportunity to build their interpersonal skills, challenge themselves socially, mentally and physically, and to grow into successful human beings.

Our thinking is community driven, non-competitive, choice-based, but incorporating the outdoors. Epoch is designed to develop independence, responsibility, teamwork, leadership qualities, relational skills, and decision-making skills over the course of a longer camp term.

The key ingredient, Our Facilitators…

The Epoch facilitators encourage participants to learn new skills and develop unique personal strengths in a safe, challenge-by-choice environment.

Our Location

The workshops will be conducted from Summerhill College in Sligo Town. The facility provides state of the art equipment to enable Tutors deliver their workshops in the most efficient and practical manner. The Epoch experience is not solely based around the traditional educational system that we are so often accustomed to.


  • Week 1 Monday July 15th – Saturday July 20th
  • Week 2 Monday July 22nd – Saturday July 27th
An unique week long experience, full of fun, learnings, growth - all while making friends and memories along the way.