Not dissimilar to the traditional "Bean-an-ti"  teenagers will be provided accommodation with a host family.

All of our  host families are well known to the Epoch team. They have been specially chosen for their friendliness and the comfort they provide in their home. The host family will accommodate three to four teenagers for the week and will offer wonderful opportunities for any young teenager willing to develop their confidence and maturity.

The host homes will be designated to either boys only or girls only. The details of the family will be furnished to participants six weeks in advance of the workshop commencement date.

Their first trip away from home?

The few nights away from home is key to the Epoch experience. Often times, teenagers experience this transition for the first time when moving away for college or further studies. Whether it’s their first time away or not, the week will teach young people the responsibilities that come with moving outside their home environs.

Transport from the host home.

Transport services will be provided each day to take participants to the workshop or activity base – and will return them to their host home in the evening.

Rest Assured

Your childs safety is paramount to Epoch. Our model follows the ages-old Gaeltacht accommodation for students learning Irish.

  • All host are Garda Vetted and have completed a child protection course
  • All houses have gone through a rigours scoring system to ensure that your children will be hosted in a safe environment
  • Your child’s accommodation will be chosen by Epoch to ensure their needs are met
  • Participants will return to the host families at 10am – until pick-up next day at 8am and will return them to their host home in the evening

Accommodation Manager

Ann will look after all accommodation matters and will be the point of contact for parents if anything may arise over the duration your teenagers stay. No issue is too big or too small and they can be dealt with by simply emailing the following address: or by dialling 01 908 1601.

An unique week long experience, full of fun, learnings, growth - all of that while making friends and memories along the way.