Nutrition knowledge blended with practical cooking skills are key components to developing healthy eating habits and therefore, being able to fulfill a healthy lifestyle.

Teens will learn to cook their own meals… everyday.

Workshops will be convened in participant led manner. Participants will not be taking a back seat. In fact, their input and contribution will be the core of the workshop. Epoch’s main aim is to teach by partaking in the activity necessary to achieve the outcome. In this case, the outcome is a healthy body and our starting point is food.

We are what we eat!

Workshops will be convened in an active-learning, participant-focused manner.

Our Nutrition Expert, Dr Brendan Egan will lead this workshop by instilling practical advice that can be used by teenagers every day and allows people to bring this invaluable knowledge away and apply it on a continual basis. The nutrition element of the course will be closely linked to the cooking segment of the Epoch experience. Dr Egan and our culinary expert, Victoria Scanlon have spent several hours researching and collating their knowledge to produce a well-rounded and informative package for all participants.

These daily workshops will give participants the confidence and understanding of the principles of healthy eating that they need to apply to their diet to achieve the best results. This is not just what we ought to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is our impact our choices have on our body and minds for instance, a sugary cereal for breakfast as opposed to a poached egg. How does this alter our ability to concentrate, learn, promlem-solve and perform until lunchtime? Participants will be enlighted on simple choices but which have huge impacts.

In addition to cultivating nutrition knowledge, these workshops will develop the basic cooking skills needed to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and healthy treats. The emphasis will be on the ease and speed of preparation, while also being cost-effective – and of course, tasting good!

All cooking workshops will be held in the state of the art fully working kitchen. This will ensure that participants will get hands on experience.

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Young people will learn the importance of including exercise in to their daily routine and how much they should exercise each day.

An unique week long experience, full of fun, learnings, growth - all of that while making friends and memories along the way