2. Activity

Young people will learn the importance of including exercise in to their daily routine and how much they should exercise each day.

Let’s get active…

The Epoch experience will involve indoor and outdoor activities such as: HIIT training, kayaking, resistance training, camping, team building, orienteering, forest trails, dance, yoga and much more.  All activities will take place in the surrounds of Sligo’s beautiful beaches and woodlands.

Our facilitators, Charles Harrison, Barry Mottershead and Dara McGarty are tasked with delivering this particular pillar of the program.  All of whom have devoted years to their particular area of expertise, more information on each facilitator can be found on the facilitators page.

A healthy heart, improved mood and how to maintain a healthy weight.

There are so many reason why exercise is important:

  1. Exercise is good for your heart, your heart can never take a rest so it needs to be strong. Daily exercise and good food choices lead to a healthy heart.
  2. Exercise will improve your mood. When we partake in physical activity our body produces a chemical known as an endorphin. This chemical makes us feel good.
  3. Exercise helps our body stay at a healthy weight. The food we eat is converted to energy and that energy must be used to remain at a healthy weight. Naturally if we do not use this energy it remains in our body and will eventually lead to weight gain. Excessive weight puts significant pressure on heart muscles and bones.



Reduce screen time!

Young people need to reduce the time they spend sitting watching TV, on their phones, computers etc.

Being active is linked to better health, strong bones, muscles and improved self-esteem.

Epoch is a digital detox with  strict put-it-away rules. However, facilitators and workshops will always have phones at hand to ensure parents can be contacted at anytime.

Get walking, running, cycling….

Participants will gain knowledge on how to maintain a basic level of health. All teenagers of this age group are recommended to engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. This can be walking, cycling, running, swimming or simply doing an aerobic workout taught through Epoch.


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  • Nutrition knowledge blended with practical cooking skills are key components to developing healthy eating habits and therefore, being able to fulfill a healthy lifestyle.

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Positive psychology is essential for teenagers dealing with low self-esteem, identity and motivation. Epoch covers the bases.

An unique week long experience, full of fun, learnings, growth - all of that while making friends and memories along the way.